Aftercare and Homework Club

Aftercare - Grade 1 to 2 only


12:30pm - 2:00pm

Penzance boasts a state of the art Aftercare and Homework Centre of approximately 1000m2. This magnificent facility nestles amongst the shady trees on the school grounds, running parallel to Nicolson Road and majestically overlooking the school’s main field.

Mr Louis van Loon, the chosen architect, planned this facility ensuring that it be both child friendly and capable of accommodating the needs of the children and dedicated staff, providing a vital service for the parents of Penzance Primary.

It is a four-level, glass fronted building. The Ground Floor is for the Intermediate and Senior Phase children. It also includes a staffroom, toilets, sickroom, storerooms, a kitchen and an impressive amphitheatre which is a venue to many of the school’s cultural productions.

Stairways with aluminium balustrades invite one up to three other levels or mezzanine floors catering for the children’s many needs. Levels Two and Three will again house groups of children whilst they complete their Homework tasks for the day, the huge windows affording them the opportunity of watching the sports fixtures being played on the field below.

To the right of this wonderful building is a jungle gym and a sandpit, a great favourite with the younger members of the school.The Aftercare facility is for Grade 1 and 2 from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm, whereas Homework Club is for all pupils from Grade 1 to 7. It runs from 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm.

Homework Club - Grade 1 to 7


2:00pm - 5:00pm

Homework Club begins promptly at 2:00 pm and caters for all children in Grades1 to 7. Each grade is allocated an educator to do any homework assigned for the day.

Registration takes place and then the learners engage in reading until 2:30 pm. At 2:30 pm, after work is checked by the educator, learners are then allowed to change into their play clothes before making their way to the field.

During the summer months many of the children opt to go swimming after finishing their homework. Registration is taken again at 3:30 pm and the children are allowed to play again until Homework Club ends at 5:00 pm.

On Fridays, there is no set homework so learners play under strict supervision from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm.

Homework Club is a fun place to be, where new friendships are made and the children get to play and exercise outdoors in the fresh air.

Written homework is done and is checked by the Educator to see that work is completed. Should assistance be required, it is given. Class educators assess the prescribed Homework.

A coloured t-shirt per grade is worn for Aftercare and Homework Club with a pair of black shorts or black pants in winter.  Please consult our Clothing Shop for the correct colour required.

Contact: Teacher on duty 082 448 2380