Community Service

Community Service is run as an extra-mural for the Grade 7's.  Initially we envisaged it as a fourth term activity but in true Penzance form, the pupils work the whole year on different projects.  Now it also means serving the school during sporting functions like making tea or refereeing a mini hockey match on a Friday evening.  We are never short of volunteers.  Our most successful projects have been Toy Story and Bobbi Bear Foundation. Here the children have inspired, cohered and begged for support of their fellow pupils.  What an absolute, incredible response we get!  This year we have supported Bobbi Bear with tinned food and many other foodstuffs to celebrate Mandela Day and lets not forget Open Air and Natal Settlers fairs. 

There is not doubt that the Penzance family steps up to the plate and our grade 7's have certainly worked hard to ensure that they are serving others in every possible way.