Senior academics

The Senior Primary Academic Programme at Penzance is a fully comprehensive programme supported by well-trained, enthusiastic and highly committed staff.

The curriculum places our learners in scenarios which extend and develop them socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.

In addition to the wide range of subjects offered at Penzance, the children also receive Media Science, Physical Education, Performing Arts and Computer lessons which are all taught by specialists in these fields.

Each grade has the opportunities of embarking on various outings and tours.  Many of these tours are "sleepover" tours, where skills of team work and leadership are encouraged and children are given the opportunity to face their fears, be compassionate, helpful, disciplined and co-operative as they grow and develop further in these different environments.

Senior Primary learners at Penzance strive to achieve a Merit Pass, i.e. an overall aggregate pass of 80 % or more, each term.  Merit assemblies are held at the end of terms 1-3 and after the academic results have been finalised, the Annual Academic Prize Giving ceremony is held in honour of all those who have achieved, excelled and made notable progress over the academic year.